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Trail Descriptions

Coal Mine Trail

Length: .6 miles
Walking time: 25 minutes
Color: Green
The Coal Mine Trail is strenuous and can be walked or biked on. The trail is a connecting trail between two points of the Mary Davis Trail, and is located within the Wildlife Management Area.

Long Branch Trail

Length: .5 miles
Walking time: 20 minutes
Color: White
Long Branch Trail is a short connector trail that ties to the Overlook/ Fire Circle area to the Nature Trail. A foot bridge crosses the Long Branch stream at the Nature Trail connection.

Lost Trail

Length: 3.5 miles
Walking time: 2.5 hours
Color: Yellow
This is a long and strenuous trail that contains steep inclines. The trail provides access points to the remote and more difficult Mary Davis Trail. Trailhead is located behind campsite 85 in Moxley Branch Campground.

Mary Davis Trail

Length: 5 miles
Walking time: 2-3 hours
Color: Orange
This trail spurs off the Lost Trail at two entrance/exit points.  The trail is long and strenuous with several unmanaged trail spurs. This trail begins on the State Park and leads into the Wildlife Management Area. Hikers are encouraged to wear blaze orange during hunting seasons.  Firearms, bows, and arrows must be cased while in the State Park area.

Nature Trail

Length: .8 mile loop
Walking time: 30 – 45 minutes
Color: Blue
This hike/bike trail is an easy trail for all age groups and is located on the "road to nowhere" across from the park headquarters. This is a good trail for school/scout groups and nature sturdy outings.  The Nature Trail connects to the Long Branch Trail via a foot bridge that crosses Long Branch stream.

North Ridge Trail

Length: .75 miles
Walking time: 30 – 45 minutes
Color: Green
The North Ridge Trail is strenuous and can be walked or biked on. The trail is a connecting trail between the Lost Trail and the Mary Davis Trail. A portion of this trail is located in the Wildlife Management Area.

Overlook Trail

Length: 2 miles
Walking time: 45 – 50 minutes
Color: Red
The Overlook Trail winds up a long ridge to a pleasing overlook of the park headquarters and recreation area.  The trail is of medium difficulty with a steep incline at the trail head.

Physical Fitness Trail

Length: 1 mile
Exercise time: 1 hour
Walking time: 30 minutes
Color: Paved trail
Located in the Franklin D. Wooten Recreation Area, this fitness trail makes a pleasurable walking path for those who enjoy a leisurely after-dinner or early morning walk.


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