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Vacation Cabins

Deluxe CottageBeech Fork State Park offers six vacation cabins atop a ridge line near Beech Fork Lake.  These luxurious cabins are open year-round and feature modern amenities including heat and air conditioning, and fireplaces.  

cabins are fully furnished with living areas and kitchens, microwave, dishwasher, television, telephone, and outdoor grill, and offer the perfect setting for a restful vacation or retreat. 

The open trussed ceilings set these cabins aside from any other.  Their unique layout allows for complete family fellowship or privacy.  The large furnished deck is a focal point for family gatherings or just a place to relax and watch a breathtaking sunset. Reservations are encouraged as these cottages are popular.

NEW!Cabins have free Wi-Fi.
Book cabins via an online reservation system.

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